• G041 A Very Decorative, Large 19th Century Dutch Delft Chinoiserie Lamp - Circa 1870
  • G052 A Rare, Mid 19th Century, French Lamp In Classical Greek Revival Style - Circa 1860
  • D079 A Mirror Image Pair Of Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Figures as Lamps - Circa 1860
  • G045 A Rare And Desirable Pair of Elegant 18th Century Chinese Lamps - Circa 1770
  • G084 An Ultra Pretty Bright Turquoise Decorative Chinese Lamp - Circa 1880
  • B052 A Very Pretty English Parian Ware Figure Of Summer As a Lamp - Circa 1860

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Welcome to the Antique Lamp Shoppe, an international authority and purveyor of antique and vintage table lamps.
With more than 50 years of commercial experience, including 25 dealing internationally in antique porcelain exclusively,
the Antique Lamp Shoppe’s collection of lamps are acquired by private clients and interior designers worldwide.

Specialising in antique and vintage French, Japanese, English and Chinese table lamps, amongst others,
we are also pleased to offer a range of contemporary classics, each of our lamps representing an exquisite combination of function and artistic beauty.