Antique Lamps For The Moth (Man Of The House)

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 A  Rare 17th Century Carved English Oak Heraldic Lion as a Lamp - Circa 1680 

Everyone is familiar with the concept of decorative objects considered as feminine or masculine.  There are, of course, no fixed rules; however, general observations can be made. 

Typically, feminine will be seen as pretty, i.e., flowers, cupids etc and whilst this is a sweeping statement, it will serve to separate masculine as being, robust, handsome, sculptured, i.e. architectural elements, horses etc.

The Antique Lamp Shoppe have seen many antique and decorative table lamps come and go! and have noted just how the male population appreciates table lamp lighting.

the change of attitude.....

Traditional attitudes have generally placed interior design in the feminine compartment, but attitudes change and men are now widely accepted as partners in sharing an interest in interior decoration.

A Smart 19th Century English Terracotta Lamp In Greek Revival Style - Circa 1870

From a purely male perspective, men will see table lamps as a subject that allows for creative expression.  Lamps for the den, for the office, for a library, or simply to add to the pleasure derived from their living space.

A Unique, Vintage Wedgwood Neo Classic Style, Urn Shaped Lamp - Circa 1950

From a psychological point of view, interior lighting is a major contributor to well being.  Soft interior lighting is sensed as an atmosphere that is both calming and relaxing and, combined with a favourite chair, positively therapeutic!

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