Antique Lamps with Men in Mind

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The Antique Lamp Shoppe has a reputation for having the world's worst modern lighting!  Living up to that reputation, we regularly offer lamps by such celebrated luminaries as Wedgwood, Richard Ginori, Dresden, Pairpoint, Limoges, Bayreuth, Edmé Samson of Paris, Vista Alegre, Piero Fornasetti, Staffordshire, Royal Doulton, Porcelaine de Paris and others.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of decorative objects considered as feminine or masculine and while of course, there are no fixed rules, general observations can be made.

Typically, feminine will be seen as pretty, i.e. flowers, cupids etc. and whilst this is a sweeping statement, it will serve to separate masculine as being robust, handsome, sculptured i.e. architectural elements, horses etc.


Over the decades the Antique Lamp Shoppe have seen many antique and decorative table lamps come and go! and have noted just how keenly the male population appreciates table lamp lighting.  In fact, our client list would be fairly divided between male and female.

While traditional attitudes have generally placed interior design in the feminine compartment, thankfully old attitudes change and men are now equally accepted as active participants in sharing an interest in interior design.  Men and women both see lamps as an outlet for creative artistic expression. 

Apart from the functional aspect of table lighting, antique lamps also serve as stand out decorative accents within a room.  From a psychological point of view, thoughtful interior lighting is a major contributor to our well being.  Lamps can be placed to produce a softer and more relaxing atmosphere that is calming and combined with a favourite chair, positively therapeutic!

There are multiple reasons for choosing a particular lamp, one obviously being how the lamp works with the interior - "I love the colour and it's just what I've been looking for!" 

Another, not so unusual reason, is that the lamp works beautifully with a collection subject i.e. a blue and white lamp placed near a blue and white ceramic collection or a Chinese lamp in the midst of a Chinese room or porcelain collection.  This effect adding an entirely new dimension to the interior.

Antique lamps sit beautifully in classic, traditional, eclectic or modern interiors but whatever the reason for your choice, there's no denying a room is invigorated by the inclusion of quality table lamp lighting!

The Antique Lamp Shoppe offer a varied range of antique, vintage and decorative lamps.  Please remember that lamps purchased online are shipped, ready wired for the US, Australia and the U.K

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