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For the past two centuries, the West has been continually re-inspired by Oriental interior design.  It was first inspired in the 18th century with the first British embassy to Imperial China in 1793 when Lord McCartney was received in Beijing by the Qianlong emperor.

This historically diplomatic event began an English love affair with Chinese decoration and art, reaching its high point during the period of the English Regency of George the IV.  It was the French, however, who instigated the European love of Chinese art and culture with the French term “Chinoiserie” used to describe this exotic, decorative style.  Today the Western enthusiasm for the Oriental interior continues to grow, especially with China’s recent rapprochement with the West. 

"Good lighting can make or break a room, so it pays to get it right".

Interior lighting, of course, is a major contributor to the successful outcome of a decorative scheme.  So much so, that poorly thought through lighting can make or break a beautiful interior.  With this in mind, the Antique Lamp Shoppe offers a range of both Chinese and Japanese lamps, all designed to compliment the Oriental interior. 

To Western eyes, the traditional Oriental interior would look rather “undecorated” with fewer items of furniture, often carved and lacquered.  The interior colour scheme is much richer than the Western interpretation, with the Chinese love of strong colours.  Chinese traditional interiors use bold colours with red predominating, along with other bright colours such as yellow and green.  

Within this interior style, lamps other than Oriental could look entirely out of place. The appropriate lamp will “pull the look together”, particularly when combined with sumptuous, silk lamp shades in Eastern style.  With the use of well placed antique lamps, the interior scheme will result in a harmonious balance of complimentary colours and style.

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