Antique Lamps With The Simple Line Of Polished Wood

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                                 Hand Turned in Scotland 100 Years Ago

There is nothing like the polished sheen on antique wood, lovingly polished with bee’s wax for the past hundred, or even, the past two hundred years.  Over this long period of time a rich patina is produced, the fine sheen of polished wood. This patina can never be successfully reproduced but is only the result of elbow grease, wax and time!

what is treen?...

Treen is a generic name for the small to medium, functional handmade objects made of wood.  Hence treen is distinct from furniture, chairs, tables etc.  The very word is antique! and is, in fact, a Middle English word from the 13th century, when treen meant tree or wood.

The word is still in common use to describe small objects made in hand turned wood.  Wood, of course, being the major raw material for common domestic objects with turning and carving being the key skills.

Some rare examples of treen exist from the 15th century with most antique pieces being made in the 19th century.  These were made prior to the introduction of cheap metal wares and finally, plastics.  As the 19th century progressed, the “old fashioned” treen pieces were discarded for the new wares.

A Classic Pair Of Late 18th Century English Mahogany Lamps - Circa 1790

G085 A Classic Pair of Late 18th Century English Mahogany Lamps - Circa 1790

I have found that it is men who particularly appreciate the simple lines of polished wood.  Traditional attitudes have generally placed interior design in the feminine compartment, but attitudes change and men are now equally accepted as partners in sharing an interest in interior decoration. 

From a purely male perspective, men will see table lamps as a subject that allows for creative expression.  Lamps for the den, for the office, for a library or simply to add to the pleasure derived from their living space.  There is a real pleasure in owning something that is unique and beautiful while remaining a useful asset to a family. 

Antique pieces such as table lamps, can also do a lot for a modern interior, adding a much warmer element when integrated into a décor.  It is quite often a surprise to discover just how “at home” an antique piece can look in a modern interior.  A quality antique piece will not only reflect superb workmanship from an earlier time, but will also increase in value. 

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