Antique Table Lamps For The Elegant Interior

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The “art” of interior design is generally seen as divided between modern contemporary, eclectic; interiors which include design components from a range of sources and classic or traditional interior design.  A definition of classic is “a work of recognised excellence" or one that has stood the test of time.

A classic lamp, by definition, is well qualified, having seen a minimum of 100 years of changes in fashion and trends.  Here it stands a century later, as elegant and timeless as the day it was made, having survived them all!

the classic lamp.....

For a classic or eclectic interior, fine antique table lamps will quickly “pull the look together”, adding interest and an overall sense of high style.

Sophisticated interior design requires thoughtful and subtle lighting.  To over or under light a beautiful interior is to detract from the finished effect.  The great benefit of table lamp lighting is that it is easily portable, allowing for lighting to be re positioned to produce the most satisfactory outcome.

The classic lamp calls for the classic lampshade.  Lampshades can be made in many materials with silk being the fabric of choice.  For the ultimate in luxurious furnishings, silk can also be used to line a shade ensuring a professional and polished finish.  This sumptuous textile is available in an almost endless array of colours and is the last word in elegance and refinement.  A full range of shade styles are available in any shape.  Soft or bonded, knife, box or diamond pleats or perhaps a ruffling effect.

Our home interiors are an important.....

Our home interiors are an important part of our lives offering an excellent means of self expression and comfortable retreat from the busyness of the world in which we live.  Well placed antique and decorative lamps with their gentle, glowing light make a valuable contribution to the feeling of any classic interior.

An antique lamp can be a lot more than just a source of interior lighting; it can also be a work of art with a major contribution to the classic / eclectic interior. 

Antique lamps with a “presence” can add to our visual appreciation of life.  An antique lamp can be seen and appreciated in just the same way as a picture, which can add so much to enrich our experience.

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