E054 18th Century, French Chinoiserie, Montpellier Faience Lamp - Circa 1750

"There are two things that make a room timeless, a piece of history and a piece of the future".          Charlotte Moss

A delightful, mid 18th century, French, Montpelier faience antique lamp.  The lamp of jar shape and tin glazed with a lemon yellow ground.  The lamp charmingly painted with a lively, French Chinoiserie subject.  Chinoiserie decoration was inspired by Chinese decorative art, with the European decoration known for its imaginative, fantasy element. 

The freely painted subject with a Chinese lady seated under a flowering tree.  She holds a large open fan and is being entertained by a lively dancer who holds castanets above his head. The lamp painted with loose bouquets, insects, sprigs and flower heads. 

Faience was produced in the city of Montpelier from the end of the 16th century, with production ceasing in the 19th century.  Montpelier, in the south of France, along with Marseille, was a great centre for the production of fine faience. 

This is a beautiful, bright lamp, still as charming, after 260 plus years!  The lamp seated in a late 19th century, unpolished, distressed brass lamp base with related brass lamp cap.  In original condition, except for being newly rewired. The lamp shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion. 

Provenance - Fontanille Collection, Paris. 

Louis XV - Circa 1750

Overall height (including shade) 21"/53 cm approx 

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