B094 Pair of Tall French, Paris Porcelain Lamps "Angel Skin" - Circa 1870

"Good lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room, so it pays to get it right".
Nina Campbell - London Interior Designer               

A very fine, large pair of 19th century, Paris porcelain antique lamps of classic style.  The porcelain produced at Limoges and as was the practice, sent to Paris to be decorated.  Paris was the centre for the decoration of porcelain with many small, one-person decorators up to substantial workshops. 

The lamps in Roman revival style, enamelled with a pale pink ground known as "angel skin" or "angel's blush".  The lamps with oval shaped reserves in a rich burgundy ground, painted with classical Roman busts, en grisaille, a painter's technique by which an image is painted in shades of grey, giving the image a modelled appearance, creating the illusion of sculpture. The lamp bases and caps of custom made, gold plated bronze.  The lamps shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion.

This pair of formal style French lamps are part of the enormous revival of interest in Classical art from about 1850, when decorative arts were inspired by the classical art of ancient Greece and Rome known as the Roman Classical Revival style, sometimes called Roman Classicism, a term when  generally applied, means clearness, elegance, symmetry, and repose produced by attention to traditional forms.

The Greek and Roman revival movement began a century earlier in the mid 18th century, lasting, almost until the close of the 19th century, generally accepted as lasting from 1750-1890.  There were several revisits of this smart design style which are generally known today as periods of Roman Revival.  It flourished under the royal patronage of Napoléon III and in France, especially Paris, the revival style was more widely known as the Second Empire style, which is now the term used.  

Napoléon III - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shades) 27"/68 cm approx

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