D087 French 19th Century Samson of Paris Kakiemon Style Lamp - Circa 1870

A very elegant, French, mid 19th century antique lamp by Edmé Samson of Paris.  The lamp in hexagonal flask shape and decorated in classic French Chantilly Kakiemon style.  The Japanese Kakiemon decorative style and refined palette of enamel colours greatly influenced many of the European porcelain makers of the 18th century. 

Edmé Samson was born in Paris in 1810 and established the porcelain company of Samson and Co in the 1830’s.   In 1845 he opened the company Samson and Son at number 7 Rue Vendome in central Paris.  Edmé Samson was succeeded by his son Emile who ran the company until 1913. 

The lamp painted with delicate subjects of loosely arranged wild flowers and grasses in the pastel Kakiemon palette of turquoise, iron red, green yellow and touches of gilding.  The neck of the lamp with applied lion's head masks with gilded, square shaped grips. 

The lamp seated in the original hexagonal ormolu base, the base edged with a classic style bundles of tied rods, or fasces (Latin) the symbol of authority carried before Roman magistrates. The lamp with a custom made hexagonal gold plated bronze lamp cap.  The lamp designed for a 25w globe.  The lamp shown with a pale turquoise, silk shade suggestion.

Kakiemon is a style of Japanese porcelain originally produced at the factories around Arita, in Japan's Hizen province.  The style was established in the mid 17th century Edo period and has continued ever since.  The quality of its decoration was highly prized in the west and widely imitated by major European porcelain manufacturers throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is delicate style of decoration with a small number of superb enamel colours, some of them originally developed by the 17th century Kakiemon family.  The family, now in it’s fourth generation and still ceramic makers and decorators!.

Reference:- Edmé Samson by Florence Slitine.  Publishers 2002 Massin France - Page 123 for this lamp pictured in colour and page 204 for this lamp illustrated with a lamp shade.

Napoléon III - Circa 1870

Provenance - Fontanille Collection, Paris. 

Overall height (including shade) 21"/53.5 cm approx

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