E047 19th Century, French Gien Faience Lamp Of Fine Quality - Circa 1865

                 "Not a Lamp by Versace"!

A French, 19th century, faience antique lamp of exceptional quality.  The lamp produced at the famous Gien faience manufactory about 1865.

The Gien factory, in the Loiret department in north-central France, was, in fact, started by an English potter, named Thomas Hall, who wanted to introduce fine English earthenware manufacturing techniques to France.  

In 1819 he purchased the Pont Aux Choux pottery, famous in the 18th century for producing English style cream ware.  His early production of purely practical wares was promptly named “Faience Anglaise”.

The factory worked tirelessly to improve quality and to develop artistic merit.  By following this philosophy, Gien produced exceptional pieces, which it presented, with high distinction, at international exhibitions from 1855 to 1900. 

The lamp decorated with a rich “fond bleu or cobalt blue ground colour.  The decoration in Italian, high Renaissance style, the period, generally accepted as circa 1450 – circa 1600.  

This 150 year period is normally described as the Italian Renaissance with Italy being the originator of the movement.  The artistic style flourished, spreading throughout Europe and it was the outstanding quality of these Italian Renaissance styles which contributed to Gien's success. 

The decoration inspired by Italian Renaissance majolica earthenware, especially from Faenza, Urbino and Savona.  The decoration of the lamp, beautifully applied in a strongly toned palette of gold, cobalt blue and yellow.  The decoration composed of mythological creatures, putti, grotesques, scallop shells, water fountains and formal compositions of stylized acanthus.

The lamp seated on finely reproduced, French, ormolu gilded, rococo base.  Although the rococo was an 18th century artistic period, there was a revival of the rococo style between 1820 and 1870 with the lamp illustrating this revival style.  The lamp shown with a royal blue silk shade suggestion.                

Napoléon III - Circa 1865 

Overall height (including shade) 24.5"/62 cm approx

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