E081 19th Century Wedgwood Blue Jasper Candlestick Lamps - Circa 1870

"Wilt thou have music?  Hark!  Apollo plays and twenty caged nightingales do sing."   William Shakespeare

A very elegant pair of 19th century English, Wedgwood, pale blue jasper antique candlestick lamps. The lamps decorated with white jasper bas reliefs’ with figure subjects derived from classical Greek mythology.  The figures separated by well defined white jasper laurel, oak and mimosa trees.

The candlestick bas relief subjects are -:

The god Apollo, patron god of music and poetry.  As the god of music, Apollo is modelled holding his attribute, the lyre.

The Charities, known in Greek mythology as the Three Graces. They are the goddess Aglaia, goddess of elegance and charm, Thalia, goddess of beauty and creativity and Euphrosyne, goddess of mirth and joyfulness.  The three graces were modelled together, singly or in pairs as shown on these candlestick lamps.

Urania, the muse of astronomy is represented with a globe at her feet and holding a fine pointer to indicating the heavenly course of the stars.

The oracle of Delphi, priestess of the temple of Apollo. 

The lamps with faux candles, fitted with custom made gold plated candle caps and seated in custom made, matte gold plated, bronze bases.  The lamps designed with 25w lamp sockets.  The jasper candlesticks with Wedgwood Impress marks for 1870.  The lamps shown with a pleated, baby blue, silk shade suggestion.  Perfect as buffet lamps for a sideboard.

Josiah Wedgwood's Jasperware remains the most recognisable and iconic ceramic made by Wedgwood. With its distinctive unglazed finish and white jasper bas reliefs, jasperware was a unique 18th century innovation.

Its method of manufacture has remand unchanged for nearly 250 years. The iconic pale blue jasper gave rise to the expression "Wedgwood Blue", which remains the indelible signature of Wedgwood globally.

Queen Victoria - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shades) 18.5"/47 cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

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