E089 A Pair of Small 19th Century, Antique Chinese Vases - Circa 1875

A very pretty and highly decorative pair of small, 19th century, antique Chinese vases.  The vases produced for export to the West.  The handle shapes and enamel palette of colours, considered as Western colours by the Chinese decorators.

The vases with elaborate, high arched, silver shaped handles in European style. The rouleau shaped vases enameled with a beautiful coral red ground and decorated with Chinese symbols for good fortune.  The coral red ground with circular shaped reserves in yellow and turquoise, each reserve with a Chinese “Shou” characters translated as wishes for a long, healthy life, good fortune and happiness.

The vases standing on a short soccle and seated on a square shaped base.  The four sided bases and the necks of the vases enamelled with a stylised, apple green band. 

This decorative pair of vases, in a Chinese context, would have been presented on a highly auspicious occasion such as wedding, with every best wish for a happy and a successful future. 

Guangxu Emperor -  Circa 1875

Height 7.5”/19cm 

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