F038 A Rare French Samson Of Paris Lamp of Outstanding Quality - Circa 1870

An outstanding and rare 19th century French, Samson of Paris antique lamp of exceptional quality.  Edmé Samson was born in Paris in 1810 and established the porcelain company of Samson and Co in the 1830’s.   In 1845 he opened the company Samson and Son at number 7 Rue Vendome in central Paris.   Edmé Samson was succeeded by his son Emile who ran the company until 1913. 

The large baluster shaped lamp decorated in the Chinese manner, beautifully painted in a rich palette of polychrome enamels.  The neck of the lamp painted with three cloud shaped vignettes’ painted with floral subjects, orchids and foliage, lotus flowers and lotus leaves and flowering chrysanthemums.  The reserves on a ground of green enamel Buddhist swastika.  In China and Japan, the Buddhist swastika was seen as a symbol of plurality, eternity, abundance, prosperity and long life. 

The lamp with a ground colour in shades of mid-blue.  The ground decorated with white tendril and flower heads in yellow, aubergine and pale jade green enamels.  The principal decoration composed of three elongated, hexafoil shaped reserves, each painted with a wide range of polychrome enamels in beautifully fine detail.  The base and rim with a jade green border of cloud and thunder fret. This ancient decorative device represents clouds and rolling thunder, the pattern symbolizes life giving rain and abundance.

Panel 1 -: 

A very detailed painting of a Phoenix, Feng Huang, in a floral landscape.  The Phoenix, an ancient emblem signifying goodness and benevolence.  In traditional China it was used to symbolise imperial power / the Empress of China and also, on her wedding day, the bride.  The Phoenix is also a symbol of high achievement, as this bird can fly the closest to heaven.  It is always shown artistically as a divine and auspicious symbol.

Panel 2 -: 

Children at play, a subject known as karako. Six small boys enjoying a vigorous game of “blind man's buff”  From the Song dynasty (960-1279 boys were symbols of longevity, prosperity, and well-being.  Boys are usually shown engaged in sports and outdoor games, fishing or bearing fruit and auspicious objects. 

Panel 3 -: 

“A scholar at the window”.  A beautifully painted subject of a traditional Chinese house enclosed by a walled garden.  A scholar sits, drinking tea, looking out from a moon window.  The peaceful garden scene with tall red flowering trees, pine trees and stands of banana leaves.  The quality of the detailed painting, is beyond the scope of a short description.

This is an exceptional lamp with the lamp seated in a gold plated ring, inset into an antique Chinese carved stand, the custom made lamp cap, gold plated.  The lamp shown with a pleated, cerulean blue, silk shade suggestion.

Napoléon III - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shade) 29"/74 cm approx

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