F075 A Late 19th Century, Italian Figure of a Blackamoor as a Lamp - Circa 1900

A late 19th century, Italian figure of a Blackamoor as an antique lamp.  The origin of the Blackamoor is derived from Sicilian tradition surrounding the Moorish invasion of Sicily and Southern Italy more than a millennium ago.  The name "Blackamoor" is derived from the Moors or Arabs of Northern Africa.

The Blackamoor as seen today was first created during the Italian Renaissance and developed in popularity throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

The figure brightly dressed in a vivid red tunic, decorated with gilded flower heads.  The tunic collar with a wide trim of gold, set with emeralds.  The costume with an elaborate, wide gilded belt, white cape and turban, decorated with gilded ostrich plumes.  The turban draped with turquoise and gold beads.  The figure standing on a circular base, set into a satin black enamelled bronze stand.  The lamp shown with a black silk shade suggestion.

Umberto I - Circa 1900

Overall height (including shade) 23"/58.5 cm approx

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