G013 A 19th Century English Terracotta Lamp In Greek Revival Style - Circa 1870

                 "Male Domain"

An understated and smart, English terracotta, bottle shaped antique table lamp in Greek Revival style. The shape produced by the Watcombe Pottery of Torquay in Devon, UK.  Watcombe are famous for their production of terracotta shapes in the classical Greek Revival fashion of the period. 

The lamp design by Dr Christopher Dresser (1834- 1904) who is well known for his designs for the Watcombe Pottery.  Christopher Dresser, who is acknowledged as one of the most important designers of the nineteenth century.  The terracotta lamp finely printed in black with four subjects derived from classical Greek art.

Detail 1 - A naked Spartan soldier wearing shin armour, an elaborate bronze crested helmet with cheek plates and carrying a wood and bronze shield, he is shown about to launch a spear, known as a doru.

Detail 2 - Diana, goddess of the hunt.  Shown with a slain boar and seated hunting dog.

Detail 3 - An Athenian girl teasing a winged putti.

Detail 4 - Hercules with a slain stag.

Greek Revival.
The Greek revival movement began in the mid 18th century, lasting, almost until the close of the 19th century, 1750 – 1890.  There were several revisits of this ultra smart design and are generally known today as periods of “Greek Revival”. The French and English glass and ceramics, for example, were often closely modelled on specific Greek vases and urns.

The influence was very broad and included furniture design, jewellery and interior design, architecture was particularly influenced, especially in the USA.  The typical colour range of this neoclassic revival included black motifs outlined against terracotta, Pompeian red, powder blue, puce and olive.

The neck of the lamp decorated in black enamel with a band of Greek key and elements derived from Classical Greek vase painting.

The lamp seated in a custom made, bronze, satin black enamelled base, the lamp cap en suite.  The lamp shown with a pleated, black silk shade suggestion.  This is a very smart lamp with a real sense of style.  

Victoria - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shade) 22"/ 56 cm

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