A020 A Japanese Ando Jubei Apple Green Cloisonné Lamp - Circa 1950

And the needles of the pine trees, freshly washed to a deep, rich green, shimmered with droplets that blinked like clear crystals.”   Billie Letts, Shoot the Moon

An early vintage to mid 20th century, Japanese, Ando Jubei, rich apple green, wireless cloisonné table lamp of Rouleau shape.  Ando Jubei refers to the master cloisonné craftsman who established his workshop in Nagoya in 1881 

The monochrome lamp decorated with a wide band of Peony flower heads seen through the translucent green nuanced wireless cloisonné ("Nuanced" a cloisonné term used to describe the very slight difference or variation in colour).

It was the Ando Jubei workshop who developed and refined this wire free cloisonné, (known as “Musen” cloisonné in Japan), with decorative techniques allowing subtle decoration to be seen through the translucent green cloisonné, as shown by this lamp. 

Cloisonné is a French term meaning "partitions" or "compartments" as understood in the West, but in Japan this is known as "shippo-yaki" which translates as "seven precious things" a title derived from Japanese Buddhism.

The lamp seated in a gold plated bronze band inset into a Japanese, black lacquered stand, the lamp fitted with a gold plated lamp cap and shown with a shade suggestion.

Emperor Showa - Circa 1950

Overall height (including shade) 20"/51 cm approx

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