B001 A Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Lamp, The Eight Immortals - Circa 1950's.

A large and decorative, vintage Chinese reticulated, Blanc-de-Chine table lamp.  The lamp composed of overlapping bamboo leaves and decorated with evenly spaced figures of the Eight Chinese Immortals.  The lamp seated in a custom made, gold plated solid bronze stand and fitted with a gold plated bronze lamp cap.  The lamp shown with an ivory silk shade suggestion.

The Eight Immortals:-  Central to religious Taoism are the eight spiritual beings known as the “Eight Immortals” and perhaps intended to be allegorical, these super-humans or perfect persons came to be worshiped and emulated by Taoists.

These perfect beings dwell far away in an untroubled place, where they experience an effortless existence of physical freedom.  They are ageless, eat nothing but air, drink nothing but dew, and enjoy the power of flight.

These powerful eight beings are said to have been born in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) or Song Dynasty (960-1279).  Among the Eight Immortals, a number seem to have had actual historical existences.  They were “real people.”

Nevertheless, the many stories that have accumulated, describing the magical and mysterious lives of these immortals, make it well-nigh impossible to distinguish historical from mythological reality.  The Eight Immortals frequently appear in Chinese literature, mythology and art and each has a symbol and special power.

Reticulated - In ceramics, meaning, perforated. A style of decoration in which the wall of a vase or other vessel is honeycombed or pierced in a pattern,  It originated with the Chinese potters and was later imitated by some of the European porcelain makers, particularly Worcester, Berlin, Vienna, and Sèvres.

Circa 1950's

A heavy lamp with a weight of 5 kg / 11 lbs

Overall height (including shade) 21"/53 cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

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