B034 A Chinese Wang Bingrong Jar And Cover, Lamp On Stand - Circa 1870

  "A White Heron Wading Through a Lotus Pond."

A very fine,19th century, Chinese antique. sancai jar and cover as a lamp.  The lamp enamelled with a turquoise ground and molded in deep relief, known as Fahua.  The term refers to Chinese wares with raised, bold decoration in an undercut style. The lamp decorated with a lotus pond subject, a white heron wading through well defined lotus leaves and flowers in two shades of green with lotus flowers in aubergine.  The domed cover molded with a curled lotus leaf and flower.

The jar and cover from the workshop of Wang Bingrong (1840 - 1900), a notable potter and porcelain maker who successfully transformed the technique of carving bamboo, to porcelain decoration, specialising in porcelain with undercut, relief decoration.  Active in the Tongzhi to Guangzhou period (1862-1908).

The base of the jar with the applied pad seal of Wang Bingrong, the seal in deeply cut Chinese characters reads "Wang Bingrong Zuo" which translates as "Made By Wang Bingrong".  It is rare to see 19th century Chinese ceramics with makers' marks as shown by this example.

The jar and cover seated on a custom made, giltwood stand.  The jar and cover in original condition.   As this jar is free standing, it can be removed from the lamp stand at any time. The lamp shown with an ivory, pleated silk shade suggestion.

To the Buddhist world, the lotus symbolises purity, fruitfulness and perfection and is one of the four important flower emblems.  The lotus is also an important motif in Chinese art as it symbolises the Buddha.

Sancai  - Sancai translates as “soft three colour glaze”.  Sancai is known in the West as Famille-Verte bisque ware. The term bisque or biscuit was used to differentiate the wares enamelled directly on to the pre-fired body or ‘biscuit’, versus the wares enamelled over a clear high fired glaze which defines most Famille-Verte decorated porcelains.  Once the enamels had been applied, the pieces were re-fired but at a lower heat.

Tongzhi Emperor - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shade) 22"/56 cm approx

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