B035 A Chinese Lotus Petal Lamp In Blanc-de-Chine Style - Circa 1850

"The Buddha states that the truth is the truth regardless of whether Buddhas teach it or not."      Roger Jackson            

A mid 19th century, Chinese earthenware, Rouleau shaped antique lamp in Blanc-de-Chine style.  The creamy white vase shaped lamp with a fine craquelle glaze.           

The lamp design composed of Chinese Buddhist symbols  The stylised lotus petals symbolically opening to reveal the pure vessel held within, the vase being one of the eight Buddhist emblems, "a vase for emptiness, allowing it to receive the Doctrine of Truth".

The lamp with applied Ju'i shaped sceptre handles.  The Ju'i is the Chinese name for the sceptre shaped short staff held by the Mandarin class, signifying authority.  The applied sceptre handles on the lamp translate as "transcendent" or true authority.

The lamp fitted with a finely turned, custom made Maple wood cap and seated in a Maple wood stand, the cap and stand, water gilded to a satin finish with red bole breaking through.  The lamp shown with a pale fawn, silk shade suggestion.  A serene table lamp with a message!  There is a small patch of discoloration to the cream glaze, this is usually an impurity in the original potters clay.     

Xianfeng Emperor - Circa 1850 

Overall height (including shade) 25"/ 63 cm approx

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