B063 An Early Chinese Republic Export, Square Shaped Accent Lamp - Circa 1920

An early Republic, Chinese export, square shaped accent lamp.  Traditional Chinese culture is highly symbolic and this vase shape is no exception.  This square shape symbolises the ancient Chinese concept that heaven is round and the earth is square. 

Each of the four panels decorated in bright polychrome enamels with subjects of girls in flowing Qing dynasty costume.  The neck of the lamp decorated with oriental flowers on a turquoise ground.  The palette of enamels known to the Chinese decorator as Fen-tsai, literally, “pale colours”, the term used in reference to the Famille Rose export palette.

The lamp seated on the original, low, square shaped, Chinese table stand, the style designed for export.  The stand enamelled in satin black.  The lamp shown with a pale turquoise, silk shade suggestion.

Accent Lamps
Accent lamps are designed to produce a mood, a look or feel in a room, rather than providing a major source of light in a space.  In general, an accent lamp is a relatively small lamp, with usually no more than a maximum height of about 20" / 50cm including the lamp shade.  Accent lamps also serve as decorative accents within a room. 

Early Republic - Circa 1920

Overall height (including shade) 18"/46 cm approx

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