C018 An Antique Chinese Rich Cobalt Blue Peking Glass Lamp - Circa 1900

A Chinese "Peking Glass" antique table lamp.  The glass of a rich cobalt blue and of typical Peking glass, thick walled and heavy, with a weight of 4.2 lb / 2 kg.  The lamp fitted with a custom made, gold plated bronze cap.  The lamp set into a black enamel ring and seated in a black lacquered Chinese stand. The lamp shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion.

Peking Glass.

China was introduced to glass making due to the introduction of snuff, finely powdered tobacco. When Europeans first arrived in China in the late 17th century, not only did they discover new and exciting things, but the Chinese, equally unaware of the Western world, discovered ideas new to China and snuff taking was one of them.

Snuff taking habit quickly became fashionable and soon found its way into the imperial court, quickly gaining popularity with the Chinese aristocracy and high society.  It was at this time that glass snuff bottles were first produced. Glass did not rate Imperial patronage until this late 17th century date when the Kang Xi Emperor (1662-1722) establishing the first state glass factory as an Imperial workshop in 1696.

The workshop was located within the palace walls of the Forbidden City and was staffed with the best craftsmen to be found in China.  The Imperial glass works was instructed to commence the production of tiny bottles specifically for the purpose of snuff. These little works of art were used by the Imperial family and given as gifts to civil and military ministers of the court and were often presented to foreign diplomats.

Guangzhou Emperor - Circa 1900

Overall height (including shade) 24"/61cm approx

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