C091 A Very Smart KPM Berlin Lamp Of Neo-Classic Empire style - Circa 1830

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A very elegant, early 19th century, Prussian, Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, (Royal Porcelain Manufactory), Berlin antique lamp of neo-classic, Empire style.  The lamp, in-the-white and sensitively decorated, with two rustic character subjects painted in monochrome enamel.  This technique, known as "en grisaille", is a painter's technique by which an image is painted in shades of grey, giving the image a modelled appearance, creating the illusion of sculpture.

One side with a young peasant girl on her way to market, a basket on her arm and a second balanced on her head.  The reverse with a little boy, a wooden spinning top and string in hand.  The lamp rim, neck and square based plinth, gilded.  The lamp with moulded and applied handles in both bright and matte gilding. 

The elegant handles showing elements of Egyptian influenced design.  The lamp having had some discreet restoration to the handles.  The lamp standing on a custom designed, gold plated, bronze base, stepped, with an inverted curve. 

This classic lamp, a product of the first quarter of the 19th century at the height of the classic Empire style.  A beautifully understated lamp.  The lamp shown with a gold silk, shade suggestion.

The Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, (German: Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin), (KPM), was founded in 1763 by Frederick II of Prussia, (Frederick the Great).

The Berlin factory mark is a cobalt blue sceptre which is stamped, (painted prior to 1837), onto every piece.  All painted pieces produced by KPM are signed by the painter.  KPM is still producing to this day.

Friedrich Wilhelm III - Circa 1830

Overall height (including shade) 25"/ 63 cm approx

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