G075 A Charming Hummel Lamp/Night Light "Apple Tree Girl" - Circa 1950's

                     Cute as a Button!

A charming little Hummel lamp / night light, made by the German Goebel Hummel porcelain company.   A very pretty child study of a little girl climbing on an apple tree.  The lamp hand painted and finished in a satin glaze.  The perfect lamp for a princess!

These charming little studies of children were based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, a Bavarian sister of the order of the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen.  Her delightful sketches began to appear in the 1930's in Germany and Switzerland, mostly pastoral drawings of children at play.

The Swiss art publisher Ars Sacra received her permission to reproduce her drawings as post cards.  The early production of the Hummel art postcards very soon became popular throughout Germany.  Soon afterward, Franz Goebel, the owner of a small porcelain company, was looking for inspirational artwork and happened to see some of these postcards in a shop in Munich. 

Sister Hummel was asked by Franz Goebel for permission to produce her drawings as porcelain figures.  She agreed, mostly for the work it would provide for the many unemployed and for the much needed income it would provide for her Franciscan convent. 

This success was cut short in subsequent years with the rise of the Nazi control of Europe.  Nazi forces soon limited and then stopped all Hummel production.  In 1940 they closed the convent that Sister Maria Hummel had called home.  She died following the conclusion of the war in 1946, succumbing to tuberculosis at the young age of 37.  A rare photograph of Sister Hummel is shown as a detail, taken around 1942.

Interest in the figures increased, especially after they were displayed in 1935 at the Leipzig Trade Fair, a major international trade show.   A decade later, the figures would gain popularity in the United States when returning soldiers took them home.

The circular lamp base incise marked "M. I. Hummel".  The lamp shown with a pale leaf green, silk shade suggestion.  The lamp with a 25w lamp socket.  The lamp is in original condition, except for being newly re wired. 

Accent Lamps.
Accent lamps are designed to produce a mood, a look or feel in a room, rather than providing a major source of light in a space.  In general, an accent lamp is a relatively small lamp, with usually no more than a maximum height of about 20"/50cm including the lamp shade.  Accent lamps also serve as decorative accents within a room. 

The name “accent lamp” is derived from the word “accentuate”, meaning to emphasize something, or to make something more noticeable.  Accent lamps, by example, can be used on a writing desk, a mantle piece or side table.

Circa 1950's

Overall height (including shade) 16"/41 cm approx

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