Antique Table Lamps

At Antique Lamp Shoppe, our extensive collection of antique lamps is cross-cultural with a reach over multiple eras. Our antique table lamps are over 100 years old, with circa date shown, meaning estimated five years either side of the date indicated. After a lifetime’s experience handling antiques, each antique table lamp has been thoroughly researched with a full description, thus delivering an accurate and enduring piece of history.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a lamp from the antique lamp collection in the States/UK?

All of our antique table lamps, including those from our extensive cultural collections, can be shipped to the US and UK as they are wired to suit both specifications.

Do all antique lamps come with the lampshade shown?

If required, lampshades can be ordered with your antique lamp if desired.

Can you post antique lamps to me?

Of course! We are proud to offer our collection of antique lamps worldwide. Due to the delicacy of our pieces, we take strict precaution in ensuring they stay in perfect condition. Your antique lamp will be double boxed, shipped and delivered through Australia Post.

What is the cost of having my antique lamp shipped to me?

We are told the exact shipping price by Australia Post once your antique lamp is packed and ready to ship. We will advise you of this price prior to the package being shipped.

What is the international shipment process of your antique table lamps and is it safe?

Our product shipment process is undoubtedly safe! You can feel relaxed knowing we take extra precaution in the shipment of our antique lamps through double boxing. Furthermore, we have been using Australia Post for postage shipping since 1982 and have never had an item damaged in this time.