D085 An English, 18th Century, Caughley, Soft Paste Porcelain Basket - Circa 1780

A fine quality, English, 18th century, Caughley, soft paste porcelain, crenelated, circular shaped rim, dessert basket.

The basket printed in underglaze blue with the “Fisherman and Pleasure Boat” pattern.  The basket printed with a cell diaper border.  The basket with pierced, arcaded sides applied with florets. 

These very pretty baskets were part of the 18th century dessert service and were usually used for fresh fruit, such as cherries, plums and strawberries.

Caughley Porcelain

From around 1775 to 1799 at Caughley near Broseley in Shropshire, England, Ambrose Gallimore and Thomas Turner produced some of the finest soft paste porcelain made in England in the 18th century.

Many shapes and patterns were produced.  Mainly useful wares such as tea, dinner and dessert services and everyday objects.  Those objects that would be used in the households of the then-emerging middle classes.

The porcelain was decorated largely in underglaze blue, although enamel colours and gilding were also used.  Today, Caughley porcelain is highly collectible and much sought after.

Soft Paste Porcelain.

The term is often thought to mean that this porcelain body is softer than hard paste porcelain.  The term actually refers to the "soft firing" that this porcelain is given, 1200 centigrade as apposed to hard past porcelain at 1450 centigrade.  English soft paste porcelains relate only to the 18th century, by the early 19th century, hard paste porcelains had became the norm. 

George III - Circa 1780

The basket in original condition. 7"/18cm diameter

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