Antique Chinese Lamps

Drawn from China’s long history of porcelain production, our collection is both diversified and timeless.

Vintage Chinese Lamps

Our classic range of vintage Chinese lamps will make an elegant and distinctive statement to any interior.

Why Chinese Lamps?

China has the longest recorded history in the world stretching back 5000 years. Included in China’s many artistic achievements, porcelain has been The Middle Kingdom’s gift to the world. In fact, this is the reason we still call porcelain “China”, because that’s where it came from!

One of the great aspects of Chinese ceramics is the impressive range of shapes, styles and unique colours attributed to this medium. These were developed according to the specific preferences throughout the Imperial reigns.

Included in our range of Chinese lamps are Chinese figures, Peking glass and cinnabar. We are also pleased to offer the much sought after and unique Nyonya porcelains, made exclusively for the Straits Chinese community of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Malacca and Penang.

Our Chinese table lamps faithfully respect the long cultural history of Chinese art and design, providing an authentic and artistic enrichment to an interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a lamp from your Chinese range in the States/UK?

All of our lamps from both the vintage and antique Chinese lamp collections are shipped to the US and UK and are wired to US and UK specifications.

Do all Chinese lamps come with the lamp shade as shown?

Lamp shades, if required, can be ordered if desired with the purchased Chinese lamp.

How do you ship a Chinese lamp to the States/UK?

Showcasing our cultured collection of Chinese lamps, we are proud to be able to ship both our antique and vintage collections worldwide through strict precautions to ensure the lamp stays in perfect condition. All lamps ordered are carefully double boxed, shipped and delivered via Australia Post.

How much will it cost to ship my Chinese lamp?

The shipping price for our Chinese lamps are given by Australia Post only when the lamp is packed and ready to ship. You will be advised of the price before shipping.

Is it safe to post a Chinese lamp?

Certainly! We have been shipping lamps and antique porcelain, including ones from our Chinese collection, via Australia Post since 1982 and have never had an item damaged. We strongly believe quality packing is the best insurance.

History of Chinese Lamps

With over 5000 years of documented history, China has been the originator of much that we find familiar today, including paper, printing, silk weaving and the compass to mention only four. China’s early development of porcelain was the one that most people associate with China, being the name we still give porcelain. With the early 19th century quest for clean interior lighting, a complete range of Chinese products became available. Not only practical methods of interior lighting but also decorative, which were perfectly adapted to the Western world demand for stylish lamp lighting. With an almost endless range of coloured glazes, Chinese lamps offer not only colours to compliment any interior, but a seemingly endless choice of shapes and styles.

Of interest, antique Chinese lamps are surprisingly adaptable to all styles of interior design, from the traditional, aesthetic and contemporary. Antique Lamp Shoppe offers a current collection of over 50 antique and vintage Chinese lamps. Lamps can be seen from the 18th century, 19th and 20th, in monochrome colours, Blanc de Chine, moonlight celadon, red lacquer and blue and white.