C087 A Very Pretty, Chinese Lilac Coloured Antique Lamp - Circa 1910

EL . E . GANT - Pleasingly Graceful and Stylish in Appearance or Manner.

A very pretty early 20th century, Chinese, baluster shaped antique lamp.  The lamp with a delicate lilac, tending to blue, ground colour.

The ground decorated with two quatrefoil shaped reserves in-the-white and well painted in bright polychrome enamels with a subject of a Mandarin pheasant perched on a hollow rock, the subject overhung with flowering prunus and a dark pink peony flower.

The reverse side of the lamp painted in similar style with a subject of a pale yellow bird in flight amidst flowering prunus and large chrysanthemum flowers in dark pink and yellow. 

The reserves framed in “circle and loop” gilded borders. The rim of the lamp with foliate gilding, the base with gilded C scrolls.  The lamp seated in an antique Chinese, open work stand. The lamp cap of custom made gold plated bronze.  The lamp shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion.

Quantong Emperor - Circa 1910

Overall height (including shade) 24"/61 cm

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