D060 A Tall Chinese Lamp Of Square Form "Mother and Child" - Circa 1870

"Who has never seen a little boy hiding behind his mother's dress?"

A 19th century square tapering form, Chinese antique lamp beautifully painted in polychrome pastel enamels, with four mother and child subjects, the painting of the little boy, full of vigorous movement.

The front panel shows a mother, dressed in a traditional Chinese loose flowing gown, her hair held in a high bun, known as "Yisao" indicating her marital status.  Her young son, his hair in a top-knot, (called a "Jiefa" in traditional China),  peeping out from behind her.

Panel two, the back panel, shows the mother with her infant son held in her arms.  The artist has very skillfully been able to produce an expression of motherly pride and admiration as she looks down on her infant son. 

Panel three, a side panel, shows the mother with her son, now looking three years old and running at play. 

Panel four, a side panel shows mother and son, now looking aged five years old and full of fun, shown running, waving a leafy branch above his head.

Each of the four decorated panels shows the mother and child in completely different, colourful costumes throughout the progressive development of her son's early years.

Each of the four panels, framed with an apple green border.  The elegant long neck of the lamp finely painted with a subject of children at play.  The broad, square shoulder of the lamp, decorated with stylised flower heads and foliage.  All Chinese art and design is highly symbolic and this lamp shape is no exception.

This four sided shape is referred to in Chinese as “Tian Yuan Di Fang” which describes the circular rim and square shaped base.  The form conveys the traditional Chinese concept of the universe, that heaven is round and the earth is square.  This concept is found not only in ceramics, but throughout traditional art, design and architecture. 

The lamp base seated in a gold plated, bronze stand.  The lamp cap of gold plated bronze.  The lamp shown with jade and peach, silk shade suggestions.

This is a delightfully decorated lamp with a sympathetic, timeless and universal subject. Please note the detail taken from an 18th century Chinese scroll painting - "Who has never seen a little boy hiding behind his mother's dress?"

Tongzhi Emperor - Circa 1870               

Overall height (including shade) 25"/63 cm approx

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