D079 A Pair Of Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Figure Accent Lamps - Circa 1860

"The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what's in or what's out".  Albert Hadley

A well modelled, mirror image, pair of mid 19th century, Chinese, Blanc-de-Chine figures as lamps.  The figures represent handmaidens of Kwan-Yin, the Chinese Buddhist goddess of mercy. 

The figures were made as altar pieces and are “flanking figures”, which were placed either side of the goddess, the figures, symbolising a libation of lotus flowers being poured out at the feet of the goddess.  The maids dressed in high necked, Mandarin collared blouses and flowing pleated robes with their hair held up in tight buns. 

The figures supported on high circular bases in simulation of cloud formations.  In the West, figures of this religious / spiritual type would be called angels, but to traditional Chinese society, the title would translate as "immortal maids". 

The Blanc de Chine figures seated in antique, custom made, Chinese carved bases lacquered in sealing wax red.  The Blanc-de-Chine figures in original condition.  The antique lamps shown with an ivory silk, sedge hat style shade suggestion. The lamps designed for 25w lamp holders.

Blanc-de Chine
A French 18th century term meaning, the white of China.  This highly translucent Chinese porcelain was produced at Té-hua from the the latter part of the Ming dynasty until the present day.  Most probably, most of the pieces exported during this period were, in the white, or undecorated, hence the name, Blanc-de Chine.  The majority of these early export pieces were small figures, particularly of a religious, spiritual nature, such as Kwan-Yin, goddess of mercy,  being the most frequent.

Xianfeng Emperor - Circa 1860

Overall height (including shade) 26"/66 cm approx

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