E031 A Fine Antique Chinese Celadon Bottle Shaped Lamp - Circa 1910

Celadon, pale green, jade, mint:- whatever name we give to this family of shades, tis the same effect, a cool, calm, soothing salve of a colour...

An understated, elegant Chinese,early 20th century, bottle shaped celadon antique lamp.  The lamp with a well defined and even celadon glaze.  The lamp seated in a custom made, American maple wood base, waxed and polished to a rich glow.

The bottle shape with it’s bulbous belly and dramatically long neck, both slender and round, embodies the spirit of yin and yang, combining harmonious matching opposite in one silhouette.  In addition, this shape in Chinese, is known as Tian Qiu Ping, or heaven and earth shape.  The shape symbolising the ancient belief the the heaven was round and the earth was square.

The lamp with a custom made, gold plated, bronze cap. The lamps shown with a pleated,celadon silk shade suggestion.

Quantong Emperor -  Circa 1910

Overall height (including shade) 26"/66 cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

Lamp shades can be ordered if required.

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