E079 A Very Fine Pair of 18th Century Kang Xi Reign Chinese Imari Lamps - Circa 1705

“I love the mystery and exoticism of Chinese culture and the simple, timeless nature of design.  In the West, each period is marked by a distinct style, but in the East, even things made 300 years ago look perfectly contemporary today."   Echaudemaison

A very fine pair of early 18th century, Kang Xi reign, Chinese Imari antique lamps.  The baluster shaped lamps decorated in the traditional Imari palette of underglaze cobalt blue, iron red and touches of apricot enamel.  The decoration enhanced with gilding.

The language of symbols pervades all Chinese literature, painting, and thought.  There are two levels of communication in China, the practical function of speech and writing and the symbolic meaning that hides just beneath the surface.

This pair of lamps are no exception, with the decorative subjects composed of a central Chrysanthemum flower, appearing to growing from a formation of sacred fungus, or Linzhi.  In the decorative symbolism of Chinese art, Linzhi represents eternal life and is one of the ten symbols of longevity.  Objects in Chinese art are almost always more than meets the eye!

The Chrysanthemum represents one of the four important flower emblems and signifies autumn and a contented middle age.  The Chrysanthemum flowers in apricot and supported by sprays and sprigs of gilded garden flowers.  

The shoulders of the lamps with a broad band of Ruyi shaped reserves in cobalt blue and over painted with stylized flower heads in pale apricot.  The lamps with custom made, gold plated bronze caps and seated in understated, black lacquered, Chinese stands.

Antique lamps as pairs, like these, are rather more difficult to acquire, when potential damages and losses over the past 300 plus years are taken into account.  A beautiful pair of early 18th century lamps.          

Kang Xi Emperor 康熙 - Circa 1705  

Overall height (including shades) 23"/59 cm

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

Lamp shades can be ordered if required.

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