F082 A Decorative Pair of Contemporary Chinese Yellow Lamps In Mei Ping Shape

"Don't be afraid to mix old with new, classic with modern, rough with polished."                 Edyta Czajkowska  Interior Designer

A wonderfully decorative pair of contemporary Chinese lamps in Mei Ping shape.  The lamps with a rich yellow ground colour and superbly painted with a traditional subject of magpies perched in the tips of flowering plum blossom. 

The flowering plum blossom, or, prunus blossom, flowering on old wood, is the traditional symbol for the arrival of Spring, the calling magpies, a symbol of happiness and good fortune.  Chinese scroll paintings can be seen with magpie and blossom subjects reaching as far back as the Tang dynasty circa 900.

Chinese traditional decorative art is highly symbolic and can be readily read and interpreted.  The magpies perched in the very top branches of the prunus blossom interprets as “happiness up to the tips of one’s eyebrows”.  This may seem a strange reference, but the meaning is clear when understood as “If one is going to receive happiness and good fortune, then eyebrow height is a good high mark”. 

These lamps were commissioned by the Antique Lamp Shoppe and custom painted by a skillful Chinese porcelain painter in keeping with this ancient artistic tradition.  The lamps seated in beautifully carved 19th century, Chinese, rosewood stands, the lamps fitted with custom made, gold plated lamp caps.  The lamps shown with a pleated, black silk shade suggestion.

Overall height (including shades) 25"/63 cm

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

Lamp shades can be ordered if required.

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