G019 A 17th Century Kang Xi Chinese Imari Lamp "Phoenix" - Circa 1690

Phoenix Flying Through Flowering Peonies

A rare, late 17th century, Kang Xi reign, Chinese Imari antique lamp of baluster form.  The lamp decorated in underglaze blue, iron-red and gold.  The domed cover extant and decorated en suite, the rim of the cover with an underglaze iron brown dressing.

Chinese decorative art is highly symbolic and the decorative symbolism here, interprets as an auspicious blessing.  The lamp finely painted with "Feng Huang" or Phoenix.  The Phoenix flying through flowering tree peonies and foliage. 

The Phoenix, one of the most ancient of Chinese emblems, signifies goodness and benevolence.  Traditionally it was the symbol of the Empress of China, it is also a symbol of high achievement, as the Phoenix can fly the closest to heaven.

The Peony flower is one of the four major flower emblems signifying summer, love and affection.  It also indicates a hope for greater advancement and stands as a synonym for nobility, gracefulness and wealth.  The lamp shown with a pleated, cobalt blue, silk shade suggestion.  The lamp fitted with a 25w lamp holder.

Chinese Imari.
During the late 17th century and early 18th century, Chinese porcelain was produced with new styles of decoration.  Chinese Imari being one of them.  This development was a reaction to the success of Japanese Imari porcelain which was in great demand from the European market.

Chinese Imari is characterized by a combination of underglaze blue, overglaze iron red and gold.  Chinese Imari is sometimes a direct copy of Japanese Imari examples but is much more often decorated with typical Chinese motifs that are closely related to the underglaze-blue patterns of the period. 

The lamp seated in a well carved and wax polished, antique Chinese stand.  This is a very desirable example of late 17th century, Chinese Imari porcelain, this lamp being over 300 years old!

The Kang xi Emperor (1662-1722) -: is considered one of the greatest Chinese emperors. To reach this remarkable achievement, he pursued a long and arduous path. Having come to the throne as a child, he slipped into his predestined role still well under age. He is considered to have taken control over the affairs of his vast state at the age of fifteen.

He clearly realized, or was advised, that in order to gain and retain respect he had to be exemplary in his knowledge as well as his deeds. He worked incessantly to understand China’s history and culture as well as the country’s achievements in the natural sciences.

He thus became not only an ‘ivory tower’ literati-scholar, but also gained a thorough comprehension of the practical application of the sciences and the technical aspects of progress.

Kang Xi Emperor 康熙 - Circa 1690

Overall height (including shade) 21"/53 cm approx

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