G044 A Decorative 19th Century Chinese Lamp Of Melon Shape - Circa 1870

"Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an interior, as it has the power not only to alter your mood, but can also completely make or break any design".

A very attractive, 19th century Chinese antique lamp of melon shape, the shape known to the Chinese potter as Luo buo guan.  Chinese decorative art is highly symbolic and this jar shaped lamp is no exception.   Decorated to convey wishes for a long life, health and good fortune.

The lamp and cover with a well painted ground of turquoise and dark blue T fret, also known as "swastika within the T fret", a decoration derived from early Chinese Buddhism.

The jar decorated with two large, in-the-white panels, and painted with subjects of a singing magpie and a peacock.  Both birds perched on the "Linzhi", the Mushroom of Immortality.  This ancient plant which represents healing and long life is one of the ten auspicious plant symbols of Chinese longevity. 

It is often depicted as an amorphous shape as shown by these decorative panels and has been revered in China for over two thousand years.  Please see the Chinese scroll painting detail of the Linzhi.

The bird subjects with a background of shaded pink peony flowers and pink and yellow plum blossom, both symbols of spring.  The shoulder of the lamp painted with a green cross hatched band enclosed in a mauve enamel frame.

In the symbolic language of Chinese decorative art the singing magpie foretells the arrival of happiness and good fortune.  The peacock is a symbol of the Ming Dynasty and represents divinity, rank, power, and beauty.  The lamp with shaped side reserves painted with spring-time flower subjects.

The lamp with its original domed cover, decorated en suite.  The lamp seated in a well carved, 19th century Chinese stand.  The lamp shown with a pleated blue/grey, silk shade suggestion. 

Guangzhou Emperor - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shades) 21"/54 cm approx

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