G060 A 19th Century Chinese Famille Rose Baluster Shaped Lamp - Circa 1870

          "A Good Lamp Can Make A Room".

A colourful and very decorative, 19th century, Chinese export antique lamp of classic style.  The baluster shaped lamp with a bright Famille Rose palette of enamels including rose pink, iron red, turquoise, green and pale blue. 

This pretty palette of Chinese pastel-like enamels was chosen for the decoration of export pieces.  This colour palette was considered a novel innovation when it was created during the Yongzhen reign, circa 1730, as enamels such as yellow, purple and blue were new to the decorators of Chinese porcelain.  During the early 18th century, these new colours were known to the Chinese painters as “yang cai” which translates as "foreign colours".

The lamp painted with a wide range of decorative auspicious subjects including flower filled bottle vases, bonsai planters on stands, incense burners and ancient bronze altar vases filled with ruby red and white flowers.  Chinese decorative art is highly symbolic and each decorative subject has a specific meaning.  The flower filled vases mean "the maintenance of peace" and the rare vases, "perpetual harmony".

The neck and shoulder of the lamp painted with a large band of pendant lappets and flower filled cauldrons in pink, ruby red and turquoise enamels.

The lamp seated in a wax polished, 19th century, Chinese rose wood stand.  The lamp with a bronze, drum shaped, matte gold plated lamp cap.  The lamp shown with a lavender silk shade suggestion.

Emperor Tongzhi -  Circa 1870

Overall height (including shade) 24"/61 cm approx

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