G094 A Vintage Fine Quality, Chinese Red Lacquer Bottle Shaped Lamp - Circa 1950's

        Red and black, a palette with punch!

A fine quality, vintage Chinese, red lacquer lamp of bottle shape.  The bottle shape is known in Chinese as Tian Qiu Ping, which translates as "Heaven and Earth", the shape symbolising the ancient Chinese belief that the heaven was round and the earth was square.  The shape with a globular base, rising to an elegant column neck.  The red lacquer decoration over a brass, vase shaped base.  The lamp with an allover brocade ground. 

Chinese decorative art is highly symbolic and the decoration of this red lacquer lamp is understood by the symbolism of the flower subjects.  The ground decorated with a large panel of peony flower heads and foliage and an opposing panel of chrysanthemum flower heads and foliage. 

The peony flower is one of the four important flower emblems, signifying summer, love and affection.  It also indicates a hope for greater advancement.  The chrysanthemum flower, the second of the four important flower emblems, signifying autumn and a contented middle age!

The long lamp neck decorated with stylised foliage.  The high lamp foot decorated with a band cloud and thunder fret.  This ancient decorative device represents clouds and rolling thunder, the pattern symbolizes life giving rain and abundance.  The lamp seated in a square, satin black, lacquered folded foot Chinese stand.  The lamp with a satin black enamelled lamp cap.  The lamp illustrated with a black silk, oriental cut corner shade suggestion.  The combination of red and black producing a dynamic duo!

The Colour Red.
In both traditional China and modern China, the colour red has a very significant symbolism which has developed over China's long history.  Red is still today, the symbol of prosperity and happiness.  It also signifies good luck, celebration and joy.  The Chinese interior always includes “something red”. 

Overall height (including shade) 26"/66cm

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