F098 A Large Contemporary Chinese Moonlight Glazed Lamp Of Mei Ping Shape

   "Moonlight is sculpture".   Nathaniel Hawthorne

A large contemporary custom made, Chinese lamp of classical Mei Ping shape.  The lamp with a monochrome “Moonlight” celadon glaze.  Celadon glazes can be produced in a variety of colours, including white, green, grey, blue and yellow.

There are two theories for the derivation of the name celadon.  It first appeared in France in the 17th century and is possibly derived from the shepherd, Celadon, in Honoré D’Urfes’s French pastoral romance, L’Astrée (1627), who wore a pale green cape.  Another theory is that the term is a corruption of the name of Saladin (Salah ad-Din), the Ayyubid Sultan, who in 1171 sent forty pieces of Chinese celadon as a gift to the Sultan of Syria.

Mei Ping translates as “Plum vase” and was traditionally designed to hold a single branch of Spring time plum blossom, it is one of the earliest of the Chinese vase shapes and was especially popular during the Song (960–1279) and Ming (1368–1644) periods.

The Mei Ping form is said to be inspired by human physical characteristics, especially a small mouth, a short, narrow neck, a plump bosom and a concave belly!

The lamp seated in a gold plated ring, set into a polished Chinese stand, the custom made drum shaped lamp cap, matte gold plated.  An elegant lamp of understated style.  The lamp with a weight of 10 lbs / 4.5 kilograms.

This classic lamp can take it's place with sophisticated ease in a traditional or modern interior.  The lamp shown with an olive green, knife pleated, silk lamp shade suggestion.

Overall height (including shade) "/ cm   

Circumference - 27” / 69 cm

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

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