G078 A Contemporary Chinese Red Lacquer Lamp -"Dragon in Clouds"

            “Painters use red like spice”. 
 Derek Jarman 1942-1994  Artist and Writer

A contemporary, decorative, Chinese, red lacquer lamp.  The lamp of rouleau form and deeply moulded in traditional style with a ground of flower heads and tendril meanders.  The principal decorative subject, an Imperial five clawed dragon in clouds, the dragon reserved on a black lacquer ground.

The long history of Chinese culture has produced a great number of original and distinctive artistic styles and one of these is red lacquer ware.  Quickly recognized by its distinctive red colour and sometimes referred to as sealing wax red, red lacquer ware has been used artistically in China for over 1000 years.

The dragon is an ancient symbol derived from early Chinese tradition.  This celebrated symbol ranks first above all others.  The five-clawed dragon was reserved for the Emperor from ancient times until the end of the last dynasty. 

In the West, the dragon was usually portrayed as a fire breathing, fearful monster.  In traditional China, however, the dragon was revered as a benign spiritual entity, a benevolent helper and bringer of the spring rain.  Today, throughout Asia, the dragon is recognised as a symbol of good fortune.

The lamp seated in a Chinese, square form, folded foot base, lacquered in satin black.  The custom made lamp cap, matte gold plated.  The lamp shown with a black silk, pleated lamp shade suggestion.

The Colour Red.
In both traditional China and in modern China, the colour red has a very significant symbolism which has developed over China's long history.  Red is still, today, the symbol of prosperity and happiness.  It also signifies expansiveness, dynamism, good luck, celebration, happiness, joy and long life.  The Chinese interior always includes “something red”.

Overall height (including shade) 24"/61 cm approx

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