G099 A Tall, Very Decorative Contemporary Chinese Double Gourd Blue & White Lamp

"Women have eight million words for blue; a man says dark blue or light blue."                     Halle Ephron

A tall and decorative, contemporary classic, Chinese blue and white double gourd lamp.  The lamp densely painted in vivid tones of cobalt blue with meandering scrolls of stylised lotus with a central stylised lotus flower.  The foot rim of the lamp painted with a band of ruyi scepter on a blue ground. 

Chinese traditional art is highly symbolic and the lotus flower, when dried and gone to seed, is a well recognised  auspicious symbol of fertility and fruitfulness.  The double gourd shape is derived from nature, being designed to follow the lines of the hard shelled fruits produced by the "calabash tree".  In traditional Chinese thought, the double gourd shape is considered to be good luck and is also a Taoist emblem of immortality. 

The Double Gourd:- Much of China’s decorative art borrowed inspiration from the natural world. The double gourd demonstrates the integration of nature, function and technical agility.

As the technical knowledge of ceramics improved among Chinese potters, the shapes and sizes of pieces became more elaborate, thus sophisticated shapes such as the double gourd emerged.  The tight tubular mouth and neck juxtaposed against the graceful curves of the double gourd highlight how effortless and fluid the shape is. 

The lamp seated in a "satin black" lacquered, folded foot Chinese stand and fitted with a matte gold plated lamp cap. 

Both professional interior designers and home designers turn to blue-and-white again and again.  This classic palette never goes out of fashion.

Overall height (including shade) 28"/71cm

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

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