F030 A Very Smart English "Greek Revival" Candlestick Lamp - Circa 1860

       "The Three Graces - Daughters of Zeus"

An very smart, English mid 19th century, Greek revival, antique candle stick lamp.  The candle stick lamp decorated in the style of classical Greek terracotta figure painted vases.

The figure decoration on a high glaze black ground in the style of the Athenian potter, Andokides, circa 530 BC, who is attributed with the introduction of this smart decorative style.  Although the style traces its 2500 year old lineage to the Athens of classical Greece, its smartness has never waned.

At various periods through history, revivals of the superb design of Greek classicism have emerged, in art, architecture and design.  These reemergence's are known as periods of Greek revival.  These revival movements were dominant from about the mid 18th century and lasted almost to the close of the 19th century, circa 1750 – 1890.

The lamp printed in terracotta with the classical Greek mythological subject of the fates.  The fates were the three spinners of the thread of life and represented the personification of destiny.  The fates are numbered among the most ancient goddesses of Greek mythology.

The three fates were the daughters of Zeus, the Lord of the gods and Themis, the goddess of justice. The three fates are the goddesses, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.  Clotho was the spinner and the youngest of the three, she spun the thread of destiny determining the time of birth of an individual; Lachesis measured the thread length to determine the length of life and finally, Atropos who cut the thread of life, thus determining the time of death.

The lamp seated in a custom made, gold plated bronze base, the base detailed with an enamelled, black line finish. The faux candle cap of custom made gold plated bronze. The lamp designed for a 25w lamp socket.  The lamp shown with a knife pleated, black silk lamp shade suggestion.

Queen Victorian - Circa 1860

Overall height (including shade)  21"/ 53 cm approx

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