F023 A Very Rare 17th Century Carved English Oak Heraldic Lion as a Lamp - Circa 1680

Heraldic art without the lion would not amount to very much, for no figure plays such an important or such an extensive part in armoury as the lion.

A n extremely rare, late 17th century, carved, English, black oak, heraldic lion, supporting an upright shield, as an antique lamp.

The outstanding quality of the work is typical of 17th century oak carving, black oak being a very hard wood and notoriously difficult to carve. The detail demonstrated in this example shows the skill of this anonymous, 17th century craftsman.

The lion carved as a "lion sejant erect", seated on its haunches, but with its body erect and both fore paws raised in the "rampant" position.  In heraldry, this is also termed "lion rampant".

The carved oak lion, wax polished, retaining its patina and original condition, is seated on a custom designed gold plated, brass base, stepped, with an inverted curve. The lamp shown with a pleated, rich red, silk shade suggestion.  This is a very rare lamp and certainly a style of lamp most difficult to acquire. 

A photo detail shows a 17th century stone "lion sejant erect", seen at Crewe Hall, a Jacobean mansion house in the English county of Cheshire, built in 1615–36.

Charles II - Circa 1680

Overall Height (including shade) 27"/69 cm approx

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Lamp shades can be ordered if required.

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