G074 A Handsome English, Davenport "Greek Revival" Lamp - Circa 1870

         "For the MOTH"  (Man of the House!)

A very handsome, 19th century English, Davenport, terracotta antique lamp in Greek revival style.  The Oinochoe shaped lamp in the Athenian Attic style of the 5th and 6th centuries BC.  The lamp base and rim of the lamp, printed in black with a wide band of anthemion, the neck with ring moulding.  The terracotta lamp base printed in black with "Athens Davenport."

The anthemion or palmette, is a stylised motif in decorative art resembling the fan-shaped leaves of a palm tree.  It has a far-reaching history, originating in Ancient Egypt.  It was widely used in ancient Greek and Roman design and known as the anthemion, (from the Greek ανθέμιον, a flower).  It is found especially as an architectural ornament, whether carved, painted on interior walls, or as a ceramic decoration.

Greek Revival.
The Greek revival movement began in the mid 18th century, lasting almost until the close of the 19th century, 1750–1890.  There were several revisits of this smart design which are generally known today as periods of “Greek Revival”.  The French and English glass and ceramics, for example, were often closely modelled on specific Greek vases and urns.

The influence was very broad and included furniture design, jewellery and interior design.  Architecture was particularly influenced, especially in the USA.  The typical colour range of this neoclassic revival included black motifs outlined against terracotta, Pompeian red, powder blue, puce and olive.

In 1785, John Davenport began as a potter working with Thomas Wolfe in Staffordshire.  In 1794 he acquired his own pottery at Longport and began producing cream-colored, blue-printed earthenware.  By September 1806, the quality of his porcelain wares was such that the Prince of Wales, later to become King George IV, ordered services of the finest and most valuable kind.  John retired in 1830 and his sons, William and Henry, carried on the firm.  The company continued until 1887 when the factory was finally closed.

The lamp seated in a custom made, satin black enamelled base, the lamp cap en suite. This is a very smart lamp with a real sense of style.  The lamp shown with a black, knife pleated, silk lamp shade suggestion.

Queen Victoria - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shade) 23"/58 cm approx

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