C088 Ultra Smart French, Paris Porcelain Empire Style Accent Lamp - Circa 1820

“I’m for style – fashions change too often.”
Coco Chanel, French fashion designer (1883–1971)

An ultra smart, early 19th century, French, Paris porcelain antique accent lamp or task light of classic style.  The lamp decorated in a neo-classic, Empire style.  The lamp with a Bleu Soufflé ground colour, or, dry powder blue ground.  The powder blue decorated with tooled gilding with a subject of interlinked wreathes of ivy leaves, each wreath centered with a large gilded flower head. 

The neck, conical base and square shaped plinth, gilded as a solid ground.  The sides of the lamp with moulded and applied angelic figures with high arched gilded wings or caryatid handles.  The lamp standing on a custom designed, gold plated, bronze base, stepped with an inverted curve.  The lamp illustrated with a knife pleated, dark sapphire, silk lamp shade suggestion. 

This elegant French Empire shape circa 1800-1820 is comparable to the English Regency style, often called, English Empire.  This stylish Empire form, characterised by its simplicity and purity, was influenced by early Greek design, circa 500 BC and has never been surpassed.                              

Accent Lamps
Accent lamps are designed to produce a mood a look or feel in a room, rather than providing a major source of light in a space.  In general, an accent lamp is a relatively small lamp, with usually no more than a maximum height of about 20" / 50cm including the lamp shade.  Accent lamps also serve as decorative accents within a room. 

The name “accent lamp” is derived from the word “accentuate”, meaning to emphasize something or to make something more noticeable.  Accent lamps, by example, can be used on a writing desk, a mantle piece, or side table.

Louis XVIII - Circa 1820

Overall height (including shade) 18"/46 cm approx

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