E056 French 19th Century Samson of Paris Kakiemon Style Lamp - Circa 1870

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night"   William Blake  1757-1827

A very refined, French mid 19th century, Samson of Paris antique accent lamp in Japanese Kakiemon style.  The lamp of tapering baluster shape.  Edmé Samson was born in Paris in 1810 and established the Samson porcelain company the 1830’s.   In 1845 he opened the company Samson and Son at number 7 Rue Vendome in central Paris.   Edmé Samson was succeeded by his son Emile who ran the company until 1913. 

The lamp sensitively painted in the classic Kakiemon colour pallet, the range is small, but distinctive, delicately balanced, and in perfect harmony.  This style of decoration was particularly successful at Meissen throughout the 1720s and 1730s when copies were made from Japanese originals for the collection of August the Strong, Elector of Saxony.

This Paris decorated example is true to the Kakiemon enamel pallet of iron red, blue, aborigine, green and touches of yellow.  The lamp decorated with two principal subjects, prunus flowering on old wood and the tiger in bamboo.  The prunus subject is very finely painted with great care taken to fit the subject to the shape.  “The Tiger in Bamboo” is a famous 17th century Japanese Kakiemon subject, noted for its imaginative tiger, lithely curved around a tall stand of bamboo.

It is worth recalling that the 17th century artist had more than likely, never seen a tiger and worked from contemporary descriptions and printed / painted illustrations.  Kakiemon porcelain caused a sensation when it first arrived in Europe in the late 17th century.  Its brilliant palette and the striking simplicity of design brought a sparkle of something fresh and exotic into the often sombre and formal baroque interiors of the time.

The shoulder of the lamp and domed cover carefully painted with a lappet pattern of tendril meander and flower heads in rouge de fer. The lamp seated on a finely cast bronze base, a combined design of an Oriental quatrefoil shape and a circular French classical design of bound reeds.  A beautiful lamp of classic style.  The lamp in original condition, except for being newly rewired.  The lamp designed for a 25w lamp holder.  The lamp shown with a pleated, grey blue, silk shade suggestion.

Reference - Edmé Samson by Florence Slitine.  Publishers 2002 Massin France - Page 121 for this lamp shape and ormolu base pictured. 

Provenance - Fontanille Collection, Paris. 

Napoléon III - Circa1870

Overall height (including shade) 21"/53 cm approx

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