F036 Pair French Paris Porcelain Greco-Roman Revival Lamps - Circa 1870

     “Exquisite details make interiors sing.”
      Larry Laslo, designer.

A very smart and decorative mirror image pair of French, Paris decorated porcelain, Greco-Roman revival antique table lamps.  The lamps of classical urn shape and enamelled in a bold burnt orange on a white porcelain ground. The detail produced by this pair of Paris lamps is exceptional, as seen below!

One lamp decorated with a Roman charioteer subject, contrasted with a Greek style subject of charioteers.  The detailed Roman image shows a Roman military parade style chariot, the chariot about to be driven off by a Roman military tribune of the imperial era.  The officer, of equestrian rank, wearing a red, horse hair, plumed, engraved helmet and bronze, muscle Cuirass, over a one piece short sleeved, knee length tunic or Subacula, producing a kilt like effect.

He holds the reins in one hand and a pila or heavy javelin, in the other.  He is a military escort to a Roman lady of rank, indicated by her gold trimmed garment or Stola, a full length tunic.  She is an aristocratic lady shown by the gold tiara she wears in her hair, indicating her important position in society.  With the pair of horses rearing to go, the detailed decoration is full of movement.

The reverse side of the Roman subject lamp with a temple sacrifice, the pouring of oil and a pinch of incense into the flame of a temple altar. 

The companion lamp with a Greek contrast chariot subject.  The Greek chariot of a much earlier design with the reins held by a Greek lady wearing a full length tunic or Chilton, with her cloak or Himation, billowing out behind her.  Her male companion, dressed in the male style of the Chilton. With the pair of rearing horses, the scene holds a frozen instant of ancient action. 

The reverse side of the Greek subject lamp with a seated musician playing a Greek flute with the cloven hoofed, god, Pan caught leaping in a vigorous dance, his pan pipes suspended from a belt.

The lamp sides with moulded, Parian, classical heads in architectural style.  The lamps supported on short socles standing on circular bases.  The lamps seated on custom made, gold plated, bronze bases with gold plated, lamp caps en suite.

The reverse side decorations both show some wear, as does some of the gilding, most probably due to over zealous cleaning.  However, I think the overall look of this stunning pair of lamps can carry it!  

Antique lamps as matched pairs are rather more difficult to acquire, when potential damages / losses, over the past 145 odd years are taken into account.  A very smart pair of French, Porcelaine de Paris antique lamps.  The lamps shown with a pleated, burnt orange, silk shade suggestion.

Second French Empire Napoléon III  - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shades) 24"/ 61cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

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