F076 A Decorative French Porcelaine de Paris Chinoiserie Lamp - Circa 1925

"A lamp is more than a light. The rule of thumb when buying antiques is don’t buy for investment, buy it because you love it.  If you buy a lamp which you love, then it is a good investment.  This is particularly true of antique lamps.  The essence of a room is how it is lit.  If you are unhappy with the lighting in a room, there is a good chance you will dislike the room."    Maurice Robertson.

A very decorative, large French, vintage, Porcelaine de Paris, purpose made, bottle shaped Chinoiserie table lamp.  The lamp with an even yellow ground colour and decorated with an all over Springtime subject of white peach blossom flowering on old wood.

The base of the peach tree growing through the "Linzhi", the Mushroom of Immortality.  This ancient plant which represents healing and long life is one of the ten auspicious plant symbols of Chinese longevity.  It is often depicted as an amorphous shape as shown by the decoration.  The Linzhi has been revered in China for over two thousand years.

This delicately enameled decoration completed by a song birds perched on a twig of prunus.  The lamp being French, is remarkably close to an original Chinese 18th century bottle vase of comparable decorative style.

The white enamel peach blossom standing high off the yellow glazed ground, indicative of the care taken in the decoration of this very beautiful lamp.

The lamp set into a matte gold plated ring and seated into a finely carved mid 19th century Chinese stand. The lamp with a custom made, matte gold plated lamp cap.  The lamp shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion.

Circa 1925

Overall height (including shade) 29"/74 cm approx

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Lamp shades can be ordered if required.

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