F081 19th Century, French, Porcelaine de Paris Lamp in Sèvres Style - Circa 1890

   "When good Americans die they go to Paris".      
    Oscar Wilde

A late, 19th century French neo classic, Paris porcelain antique lamp in 18th century, Sèvres style.  The neck of the lamp painted in coloured enamels with a neo classic subject of fruit filled vases and C scroll swags of springtime garden flower heads.

The shoulder of the lamp with wide gilded bands enclosing a formal band of classical, bisque, acanthus moulding.  The lamp with finely moulded and gilded rams' head handles “a tetes de bouc”.  The rams symbolised Zeus, supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and ruler of the pantheon of gods.

The body of the lamp in unglazed or bisque porcelain, moulded with a subject of dancing putti, holding hands and threaded with a floral garland.  The base of the lamp, moulded with classical circlet of gilded stiff leaves.

The lamp standing on a short fluted socle, mounted on a square based plinth.  The lamp with a custom made, matte gold plated, solid bronze, lamp cap.  The lamp shown with pleated, ice blue & lilac pink, silk shade suggestions.

This is a very elegant French lamp in a formal, 18th century style. The lamp beautifully gilded and in fine condition. 

Circa 1890

Overall height (including shade) 25" / 64 cm

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