Antique French Lamps

Antique is defined as meaning “over 100 years of age”. Our antique French lamps certainly meet this requirement, with lamps from the mid 18th century to the early 20th.

French faience, lamps by Edmé Samson of Paris, Limoges, Sèvres and Paris porcelain lamps are included in our collection. We also offer antique French accent lamps and stunning examples of French Greek revival.

Vintage French Lamps

Vintage refers to something from an earlier generation. Our vintage collection includes French lamps produced throughout the 20th century including lamps from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

Why French Lamps?

France has a reputation for elegance and style and our French lamp collection certainly confirms this. Bound in centuries of history, whether your style is pretty, chic, impressive or understated, you’ll find the ideal French lamp for your interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a lamp from your French range in the States/UK?

All of our French lamps, including pieces in both the vintage and antique collections, are shipped to the US and UK and are wired to US and UK specifications.

Do all French lamps come with the lamp shade as shown?

Lamp shades, if required, can be ordered if desired with the purchased French lamp.

Lamp shades, if required, can be ordered if desired with the purchased French lamp.

With a collection of sophisticated French lamps, we are proud to be able to ship both our antique and vintage collections worldwide through strict precautions to ensure the lamp stays in perfect condition. All lamps ordered are carefully double boxed, shipped and delivered via Australia Post.

How much will it cost to ship my French lamp?

The shipping price for our French lamps are given by Australia Post only when the lamp is packed and ready to ship. You will be advised of the price before shipping.

Is it safe to post a French lamp?

Certainly! We have been shipping lamps and antique porcelain, including ones from our French collection, via Australia Post since 1982 and have never had an item damaged. We strongly believe quality packing is the best insurance.

History of French Lamps

Porcelain and pottery have always been a widely used medium for the production of table lamps. The beginning of porcelain in France was one of the earliest in Europe with the first attempt made at Rouen in Normandy in 1673. Porcelain soon became a craze with everyone wanting it, leading to vast amounts being imported from China.

As we enter the beginnings of stylish interior lighting, fuel lamps became le mode moderne. With electricity being invented, table lamps took on a new direction. Our exclusive collection of French lamps includes examples of French faience, Opaline glass and porcelain from the 18th century to the mid 20th.