E043 A 19th Century Japanese Imari Lamp "The Tortoise" - Circa 1870

A 19th century, Japanese Imari, baluster shaped antique lamp. The lamp decorated in a bright Imari palette of underglaze cobalt blue, iron red and green, the decoration finely gilded.  The decoration divided into four panels. Two panels with iron red mirror shaped reserves and decorated with stylised chrysanthemum flower heads and gilded tendrils, the reserves on a green, cross hatched ground.

In addition, two panels decorated in bright enamels with a rare Imari subject of “Minogame” or, the water tortoise, first used on 18th century Japanese porcelain. The tortoise was believed to live for a thousand years and after five hundred years, it had acquired on its shell, a plantation of green seaweed, which can be seen streaming out behind it.  The Minogame subject on a gilded, cobalt blue ground.

The lamp with its original domed cover decorated as per the lamp base.  The lamp seated in a custom made maple wood stand, lacquered in sealing wax red.  The lamp shown with a pleated, French navy, silk shade suggestion.

The Meiji era denotes the period in Japanese history during the 45-year reign of the Meiji Emperor.

The detail shows a painting by Nagayama Koen (1765-1849) depicting Urashima Taro with a Minogame.

Emperor Meiji - Circa 1870

Overall height (including shade) 22"/56 cm approx

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