G056 Large 19th Century, Japanese Arita Jar Shaped Lamp - Circa 1890

"Design is defined by light and shade and appropriate lighting is enormously important".      Albert Hadley   

A large, late 19th century, Japanese export, jar shaped antique lamp.  The lamp decorated with an exceptionally pretty palette of pastel enamel colours, including burnt orange, apricot and sky blue, with touches of yellow, turquoise and pale green.  This untypically Japanese palette was known to the Japanese painters as “foreign colours”, a colour range reserved for export porcelains.

The decorative composition, a large shaped reserve, framed with a fine chocolate brown line.  The central subject, a song bird perched on a garden railing, the scene painted with cloud formations above, symbolising rain and fertility, good fortune and happiness.  The composition overhung with colourful flowering prunus blossom. 

The 19th century decorator has included the Reishi mushroom in the left hand corner of his composition.  Seen as a rather amorphous shape, the Reishi mushroom or sacred fungus, is an ancient auspicious symbol which represents spirituality and the divine and is one of the ten symbols of longevity. 

The shaped panel with three roundels enamelled in pale blue with flower heads in burnt orange.  The reverse side of the lamp with a mirror shaped reserve painted with elements taken from the garden scene, garden railing, flower heads and insects.

The sides of the lamp painted with large floral subjects in bright polychrome enamels.  The high domed cover of the lamp decorated en suite.  The lamp seated in a 19th century, openwork, wax polished stand.  The lamp with a weight of 3 kg/5 lbs.  The lamp shown with a pleated, burnt orange, silk shade suggestion.  This lamp is a particularly decorative composition of subjects, colours and painting. 

The Meiji era, denotes the period in Japanese history during the 45-year reign of the Meiji Emperor from 23 October 1868 to 30 July 1912.   Meiji interprets as "Enlightened Rule".  

Meiji Emperor - Circa 1890

Overall height (including shade) 26"/66 cm approx.

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